STATUARY at the Great Exhibition of 1851


The Great Exhibition of 1851 was almost overflowing with statues (about half of which were from British based sculptors). Below is a list of these statues so far identified (210), grouped by their current location (if known). This page is live, and will be updated as more statues from the exhibition are added to the list, as their current whereabouts are identified, and when a suitable computer 3D model is located or created.

Our target is to obtain 3D computer models of all of these, to populate our VR simulation of the Great Exhibition. Do you know where any of the "not yet located" statues are now (here)? Do you know of any existing 3D models of any of these statues? Are you located close to any of these statues and could help obtain the necessary photographs? Many of these works also had copies made in miniature - do you know the whereabouts of any of these copies?

If you think you can help, please email: [email protected] or telephone 0151 324 1959.

Note: the Great Exhibition was laid out as a set of cells 24 foot x 24 foot. North to South they were labelled by letters ('A' to 'S'); West to East they were numbered ('1' to '77'). The approximate location within the building is appended [within square brackets] to each statue listed below.


Marquis of Bute, Callaghan Square, Cardiff by John Evans Thomas [K45]


Orphans reading the bible by Alexander Handyside Ritchie, 16 Gordon Street, Glasgow [S9] - note: matches text description, may not be actual item at exhibition.

Lurline by Friedrich Wilhelm Engelhard, McLean Museum and Art Gallery [J65] (not currently on display)


Virginius & his daughter (Bretton Hall, near Wakefield, West Yorkshire) by Patrick MacDowell [L39] (note: currently in safe storage pending restoration)

The Greek Slave by Hiram Powers, Raby Castle, Co Durham [K71] (simulation is using statuette version, without chains, from Smithsonian)

The Veiled Vestal by Raffaele Monti, Chatsworth House [O61]


Eagle Slayer by John Bell, Coalbrookdale Museum of Iron, Ironbridge [K35] (photographed - model reconstruction underway).

Andromeda by John Bell, Coalbrookdale Museum of Iron, Ironbridge [J41] (photographed - model reconstruction underway).

Youth at a stream by John Henry Foley, Bancroft Gardens, Stratford-on-Avon [J40]

Duke of Rutland by Edward Davis, Market Place, Leicester [J33]

Dancing Girl Reposing by W C Marshall, Higgins Museum, Bedford [O39]

Babes in the Wood by John Bell, Norwich Castle Museum [R28]

Statuette of Lady Godiva by W Behnes, St Mary's Guildhall, Coventry [R29]


Richard the Lionheart, Old Palace Yard, Westminster [Outside exhibition West entrance]

John Hampden by John Henry Foley, Palace of Westminster [C39]

Lord Falkland by John Bell, Palace of Westminster [I37]

Sir William Follett, Chapel of St Michael, Westminster Abbey [L33]

Richard, Marquis Wellesley, by Henry Weekes, Gurkha Stair, former India Office (FCO) [O39]

Zephyr and Aurora by William Calder Marshall, Battersea Arts Centre [L40]

Beatrice by John Hancock (V&A Museum) [R29] note: current display location not possible to scan

Dorothea by John Bell (V&A Museum) [Q28] note: current display location not possible to scan

Eve by Patrick MacDowell (V&A, not on display) [C39]

Charity by John Thomas, Chalford Christ Church [Gallery:C33]

Fighting Horses (Duncan's horses) by John Graham Lough, V&A (bronze) (not currently on display) [Q37]

Duke of Wellington by Thomas Milnes, Wellington Park, Royal Arsenal, Woolwich [D39] (note: damaged, large part of right arm missing - is there a statuette version?)

Dancing Girl Reposing by W C Marshall, Science Museum Group [O39]

Bust of Queen Victoria by John Francis, Draper's Hall [R29]

John Flaxman by Musgrave Lewthwaite Watson, University College [L43]


Eldon & Stowell, Poynton Reading Room, University College Library, Oxford [K22]

Horse & Dragon by M C Wyatt, Stratfield Saye, Basingtoke, Hampshire [K33]

The Deer Stalker by Edward Bowring Stephens, Northernhay Gardens, Exeter [I37]

Venus and Cupid by Frederick Thrupp, Torre Abbey Museum [??]

Victory by George Nelson, Canterbury Cathedral [R28]

Sahar de Quincy, Earl of Winchester by James Sherwood Westmacott, The Beaney, Canterbury [R29]

Narcissus by William Theed, Anglesey Abbey, Lode [R29]


Nymph Glycera by Richard James Wyatt, Billiard Room, Osborne House, Isle of Wight [J47]

The Amazons and Argonauts by Engel, Osborne House, Isle of Wight [M38]

The Princess Royal as Summer by Mary Thornycroft, possibly at Osborne House [R29]

Prince Alfred as Autumn by Mary Thornycroft, Osborne House [R29]

Princess Alice as Spring by Mary Thornycroft, Osborne House [R29]

The Prince of Wales as Winter by Mary Thornycroft, Osborne House [R29]

Una and the Lion by John Bell, Osborne House [R28] (full size original is believed lost)

The Bather by John Lawlor, Osborne House [R29]

Victory by Christian Daniel Rauch, Osborne House [C39]

Paul et Virginie by Guillaume Geefs, Osborne House [K56?]

Sappho by James Pradier, Osborne House [K52?] (piece at Great Exhibition was a later, virtually identical, copy)

Saïd Abdallah, de la Tribu de Mayac, Royaume de Darfour by Charles Cordier, Osborne House [A47]

Vénus africaine by Charlse Cordier, Osborne House [C47] (note: a bust similar to this was paired with the above at the Great Exhibition, it is not known if this is the same subject).

 Dorothea by John Bell, Osborne House [Q28]

Babes in the Wood by John Bell, Osborne House [R28]


Godfrey of Bouillon, Royal Square, Brussels [K55]

The Unhappy Child by Eugène Simonis, Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium, Brussels [K55]

Psyche calling on love for help by Fraiken, Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium, Brussels [J55]

The young Giotto drawing by Joseph Tuerlinckx, Museum Hof van Busleyden, Mechelen [J57]

 Eve and her children ("Le Premier Berceau") by Auguste Debay, Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium [B47]

Cupid Captive by Charles Auguste Fraikin, Musées royaux des Beaux-Arts de Belgique [J56]


Adam and Eve after the fall by Jens Adolf Jerichau, Glyptoteket Museum, Copenhagen  [J68]

Oreste by Herman Wilhelm Bissen, Glyptoteket Museum, Copenhagen [L68]


The City of Paris imploring God for the Victims of Cholera by Antoine Etex, Chapel of the Salpetriere, Paris [K53] (note: this sculpture appears at 02:00 into the linked video)

Cupid clipping his wings by Jean-Marie Bonnassieux, Louvre, Paris [B47]

Bashful beggars by Democrito Gandolfi, musée de Picardie, Amiens [O61] - note: dated 1854, assume plaster model at Great Exhibition

Phryné by James Pradier, musée de Grenoble [C47]


Resting Deer by Christian Daniel Rauch, Sanssoucitor, Wildpark, Potsdam [K62], [K57]

Horse and his master, Die Rossebändiger, Stuttgart by Ludwig Von Hofer [K67]

Bavarian Lion by Ferdinand Miller & Haldig, now part of quadriga on Munich's Siegestor. [K66] (alternate model included in simulation)

Figure from the Shrine of St. Sebald, Nuremberg by Peter Vischer [K??]:


Ino and the infant Bacchus by John Henry Foley, Parian version at Castle Ward, County Down [R29]

The Wanderer by John Henry Foley, National Gallery of Ireland, Dublin [R28]


Cupid & Psyche by Benzoni, Modern Art Gallery, Milan. [J47]

Ishmael abandoned in the desert (fainting Ishmael) by Giovani Strazza, Galleria d'Arte Moderna di Milano [O61]

Bust of Vincenzo Monti by Abbondio Sangiorgio, Galleria d'Arte Moderna di Milano [O61]

Atala and Chactas by Innocenzo Fraccaroli, Castel Thun, Vigo di Ton [O61]

David with the sling by Innocenzo Fraccaroli, Fondazione Cariplo, Milan [O61]


Bacchus by Lorenzo Nencini, Villa Vauban, Luxembourg [J46]


Apollo Belvedere (censored & hands complete) Auckland Museum [D37] - note VR simulation currently using very similar, but uncensored version from Statens Museum for Kunst


The Wounded Indian by Peter Stephenson WAS (until 9 Aug 2023) at Chrysler Museum, Norfolk, Virginia [J75]

Fisher Boy by Hiram Powers, Smithsonian American Art Museum [K70]

Apollo Belvedere (censored & hands complete) by Brucciani, University of Kansas [D37] - note VR simulation currently using very similar, but uncensored version from Statens Museum for Kunst

Innocence Protected by Fidelity, by Giovanni Benzoni, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York (not on display) [J47]

Venus at the bath by Richard James Wyatt, Detroit Institute of Arts [K46]


Dancing faun by Lequesne, Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris [J53]

Wounded Achilles by Innocenzo Fraccaroli, Galleria d'Arte Moderna Achille Forti, Verona [K59]

William Wallace by Alexander Handyside Ritchie- note: simulation uses copy in Baltimore [S9]

Queen Victoria (also Prince Albert) (outside St George's Hall, Liverpool) [O38] - note: very similar (same sculptor), not the actual statue at the exhibition

Queen Victoria / Prince Albert [H37/H39] - note: very similar, not the actual statues at the exhibition (which were by James Wyatt) (Queen Victoria from St George's Hall, Liverpool; Prince Albert from Windsor Great Park)

Highland Mary by Benjamin Edward Spence, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool [L46]

Dog treading on snake, V&A Museum (model provided by David Fletcher) [L30]

Puck by John Graham Lough (V&A) (model provided by David Fletcher) [Q37]

Edward Jenner, Kensington Gdns, London (model provided by David Fletcher) [J43] - note: the statue at the exhibition was a model from which the final statue was derived.

The Greek Huntsman by John Gibson, Lincoln Museum & Usher Gallery (model provided by Oliver Laric) [R29]

The Prodigal’s Return / The Prodigal Son by William Theed, Lincoln Museum & Usher Gallery [S28]

Apollo Belvedere (uncensored & hands complete) Statens Museum for Kunst [D37] - note: version at exhibition was censored with a leaf 

Torments of Cain by Louis Jehotte, Garden of the Palace of the Academies, Brussels [K57]

The Circassian Slave by Raffaele Monti (The Wallace Collection) [M61]

The Drunken Faun by John Hogan, Crawford Art Gallery, Cork [R28]

 The Pet Dove's Return by James Farrell, Crawford Art Gallery, Cork [S28]

The Panther Hunter by Jens Adolf Jerichau, Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen [N61]

Paolo and Francesco by Alexander Munro, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery [R28] Paolo and Francesco

Sabrina by William Calder Marshall. Copy at Roosevelt Island, New York [R28]

Caïn et sa race maudits de Dieu by Antoine Etex, Musée des Beaux-Arts, Lyon  [K53]

Susanna at her bath by James Heffernan, Crawford Art Gallery, Cork (substituting for version by Antonio Galli) [O61]

Shepherd, Sitting on a rock by Johan Peter Molin, National Museum, Stockholm [L69]

Venus by John Gibson, Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge [Gallery: C33]

 Shakespeare by Giovanni Fontana (Leicester Square Gardens, London) [K19] - note: similar, not the actual statue at the exhibition

Study for equestrian statue of Christian IX by Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen at the State Museum of Art, Copenhagen) [K6] (substituting for Horse's head by Carlo Marochetti, which is believed lost)

Bust of Prince Albert by Edward Hodges Baily, V&A [K6] (substituting for a similar bust by Carlo Marochetti, which is believed lost) 

Bust of Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington, by John Francis, National Portrait Gallery [K6] (substituting for a similar bust by Carlo Marochetti, which is believed lost)

Bust of Sir Robert Peel by Matthew Noble, National Portrait Gallery [K6] (substituting for a similar bust by Carlo Marochetti, which is believed lost)

Death of a stag / Genius of Hunting by Jean-Baptiste de Bay, Louvre, Paris [J54]

Joseph Radetzky by Anton Dominik Fernkorn, Heldenberg Memorial Kleinwetzdorf [L61]

Amazon & Tiger, Altes Museum, Bodestraße 1-3, 10178 Berlin [K63]

 Libussa, Queen of Bohemia by Ludwig Schwanthaler, National Museum, Prague [J64]

 King George of Podebrady by Ludwig Schwanthaler, National Museum, Prague [J64]

Recumbent Bacchante by Auguste Clésinger, Petit Palais, Paris [B48]
Horse’s head by Hamilton McCarthy [D39] (original believed lost, simulation uses alternate from State Museum of Art, Copenhagen)

The Toilet of Atalanta by James Pradier, Louvre [B47]

Boy with Swan by Erdmann Theodor Kalide, (copy at:) Osborne House [K64] (model in simulation is copy located in Matejki Square, Chorzów, Poland - model provided by


Venus and Cupid by Edward Davis (Believed lost / destroyed in 1958) [K36] - Note: the Great Exhibition version appears to have been a plaster model for a sculpture executed in 1857.

Jealousy of Medea by Mary Thorneycroft [N37]

Alfred the Great receiving a book of Saxon poetry from his mother by Mary Thorneycroft [N39]

Milton and his daughters by James Legrew [G39]

Michael with Satan conquered by Edward Bowring Stephens [M37]

Satan tempting Eve by Edward Bowring Stephens [M37]

Murder of the Innocents by Peter Hollins [H37]

Young Girl at Spring by William Frederick Woodington [M39]

Sleeping child with dog by Henry Weekes [M39]

Rizpah watching over the dead bodies of her sons by Henry Stormonth Leifchild [D37]

Samson bursting his bonds by James Legrew [G37]

The Shipwrecked Sailor-boy by Henry Sibson [E37]

Adam by Edward James Physick [H37]

Prometheus Chained by S Wood [D39]

Ancient Briton by George Gammon Adams [H39]

Youthful Athlete by Edward Richardson [G39]

Jacob & Rachel by Thomas Earle [H39]

Resting after a run / girl with hoop (portrait of Miss Reed) by Weekes [N39]

The suppliant by Weekes [N39]

The Forsaken by Andrew Hume Forrest [G37]

Cupid by Patrick MacDowell [N39]

Child at prayer by Patrick MacDowell [O39]

The archangel Michael having subdued Satan by John Graham Lough [J37]

Titania by John Graham Lough [Q37]

Ariel by John Graham Lough [Q37]

Jealousy of Oberon by John Graham Lough [Q37]

A nymph preparing for the bath by Edward Hodges Baily [P37]

A youth resting from the chase by Edward Hodges Baily [O37]

Cephalus and Procris by Joseph Marias Ramus [C45]

The Muse Polyhymnia by Carl Kesseler [J65]

Liberation of Caractacus by Constantine Panormo [L9]

Ariadne by William Boyton Kirk (may exist as Worcester Parian ware statuette) [R29]

Origin of the Dimple by William Boyton Kirk [R29]

L'Attaque by August Jean Baptiste Lechesne [K56]

Deliverer by August Jean Baptiste Lechesne [K56]

Canadian woman lamenting her child by Leonard De Cuyper [L57]

The Infant Moses by Leonard De Cuyper [L56?]

Cupid sharpening his arrows by Johannes Leeb [N68]

Queen Victoria in Zinc by Dantan / Hardouin [K49]

The Faithful Messenger by Joseph Geefs [L56]

Murder of the Innocents by George Gammon Adams [R29]

A group of children & animals by J E Jones [R29]

Rinaldo & Armida by Rinaldi [J47]

Rinaldo & Armida by ???? [K43]

Venus & disarmed Cupid by Joseph Jaquet [J56]

Binding Mazeppa to a horse by Giuseppe Pierotti of Milan [K58]

Learning to walk: the first step by Pietro Magni [O61]

Gratitude by M Benzoni [J47]

Hagar and Ishmael by Villa [H47]

Lion in Love by Guillaume Geefs, now in private collection (where?) [L55]

The Madona by Louis Jehotte [L55] 

Psyche by Pietro Feccia [L56]

Madonna by Pierre Van Linden [M55]

Love Triumphant by Angelo Bienaimé [J46?]

The Mourners / Medieval Revival by John Graham Lough [K17] - note: maybe available as a miniature (where?)

A nymph by Richard James Wyatt [J47]

The Startled Nymph by William Behnes [R29]

Early Sorrow by James Farrell [R29]

Oliver Twist by Peter Stephenson [L74]

Rebecca by William Theed [A34]

Rosamonda by John Thomas [J28]

Truth by Eugène Simonis [K56]

Eve after the fall by Raffaele Monti [O61] note: may be available as a miniature

Eve and the Serpent by Van der Ven [M63]

Boy and a Lizard by Thomas Sharp [R28]

Hebe and the eagle by Josef Kähsmann [O61]

Two girls fishing / Sister anglers by Raffaele Monti [K59]

Paolo and Francesco da Rimini by Gaetano Motelli [N61]

The Orphans (alternately: A group of children) by Felix Martin Miller [K45]

The Happy Child by Eugène Simonis [K55]

Whittington listening to Bow bells by John Edward Carew [R29]

Boy catching a Butterfly by Frederick Thrupp [R29]

Arethusa by Frederick Thrupp [R29]

The Favourite by John Edward Jones [R29]:

Cupid ("Birth of the Rose") by Benjamin Jennings [R29] - believed significantly damaged, now in private collection:

"Abel & Thyrsa"? [H37]

Venus by John Flaxman [Gallery: C33]

Cupid by John Flaxman [Gallery: C33]

Virgin and child by Gasper van der Hagen [??] The Fortune Teller by Ludwig Wilhelm Wichmann [O61?]

Prayer by Charles Auguste Fraikin [??]

The dogs by Hamilton McCarthy [Gallery:M10]

The Indian Girl by Charles Cumberworth [Gallery:C33]

The Nubian Girl by Charles Cumberworth [Gallery:C33]

The Queen and the Prince of Wales by John Bell [M19]

Repentance, Faith and Resignation by William Gillard [Gallery:C33]

The Mother, the Child and the Eagle by August Jean Baptiste Lechesne [??]

Spring by Felix Martin Miller [??]

The Attendant Spirit (from "Comus") by Felix Martin Miller (bas-reflief) [R28]

Shakespeare by John Bell [K19] (VR simulation currently using statue in Leicester Square Gardens, London)

The Dying Marmion / The Faithful Knight by Thomas Jones Barker [Gallery:C33?]

Genevieve of Brabant by Geefs [K52]

(Morning) Prayer by Alessandro Puttinati [O61]

L'Alma by Abbondio Sangiorgio [O61]

Michael overthrowing satan by Jean Bernard Duseigneur [K52]

Hero and Leander by Antoine Etex [C42]

Hercules and Antaeus by Antoine Etex [K53]

L'Astrologa by Ludwig Wilhelm Wichmann [O61]

Susanna at her bath by Antonio Galli, Veneranda Biblioteca Ambrosiana, Milan (not on display / inaccessible) [O61] note: version by James Heffernan, Crawford Art Gallery, Cork used as a substitute in VR simulation

Eve and her children ("Le Premier Berceau") by Auguste Debay, Brodsworth Hall, South Yorkshire [B47] (access denied)

Eve and her children ("Le Premier Berceau") by Auguste Debay, Dahesh Museum of Art, New York [B47] (museum closed - access currently not possible)